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The basic setup

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The Clever Float must always be set to the desired basic configuration before casting (never cast it dry). The basic setup is done in two steps:

Two things should be considered: 

And that's how it works:
Adjust the sensitivity

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The Clever Float always self-aligns vertically after casting. It automatically levels itself to the pre-defined construction level. Water can press in as needed through the inlet slots.

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By tapping the fishing line briefly, the Clever Float tilts. Water enters through the inlet openings while air escapes through the upper openings at the neck. This reduces the buoyancy and consequently decreases the sensitivity to bites.

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The sensitivity has been adjusted, and the bite resistance reduced. By repeatedly tapping, the bite resistance can be further reduced to the desired optimum level. The tip of the float is now barely above the water.

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A glowstick (chemlight) can be permanently attached to extend the silhouette of the float, increasing visibility. Please observe the safety instructions for glowsticks.

Only the Clever Floats can do this!

Float and Dive

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The Clever Floats do not float in the water - they suspend themselves using compressed air. By adjusting them (as described on the previous page), more water enters the interior, and additional air can escape. The Clever Floats then rest deeper in the water.

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With a short, vigorous pull, the Clever Float completely submerges. Due to its angled position, more water enters through the inlet openings, and the remaining air escapes. If necessary, the abrupt pulling motion may need to be repeated several times until the buoyancy threshold is exceeded.

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The Clever Float sinks to the bottom. This approach allows for precise placement of the Clever Floats to the desired spot. It may be necessary if the casting was not successful enough or if there is an obstacle (e.g., water lilies) in front of the desired spot. For those who want the Clever Float to sink to the bottom right after casting, it can be filled completely with water beforehand.

3 sizes, each available in 3 colors,
can be chosen freely.

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Care instructions:

Our entire range of Clever Float products represents the latest advancements in fishing gear, manufactured using 3D printing technology.

To support environmental sustainability, we use a material called PLA* (Polylactic Acid), derived from corn starch and lactic acid bacteria. As a result, Clever Float products are completely free from petroleum-based resources. However, there are some minor limitations that do not significantly affect normal fishing operations: Clever Floats should not be exposed to permanent temperatures exceeding 50°C outside of the water. Prolonged exposure to UV light over several days should also be avoided.

After completing your fishing session, shake out the remaining water from the Clever Float through the lower openings at the thickened end. If heavily soiled, rinse thoroughly with clean water.

The fishing equipment of the CF series is exclusively intended for hobby and recreational fishing purposes and must not be used for any other applications.
*PLA = Polylactide (Biocompatible Material)

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